Flight International - 26 June 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1

Flight Disruption

Forum 2018

8 - 9 November 2018 | Atlanta, USA


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Forget the competition... let’s work

together to reduce the impact of

fl ight disruption.

We’ve all been there – a delayed fl ight results in wasted productivity,

missed meetings, and worse, lost revenue. The question is, how do we

stop it impacting your bottom line?

That’s why we’ve created the Flight Disruption Forum. Produced

by a steering committee of industry experts and corporate travel

managers, the forum will offer something different. It won’t speak

‘at’ you but, instead, it will bring together travel management

companies, airlines, corporate travel managers and everyone in

between for an open discussion around fl ight disruption – all with

the view of creating solutions.

On average,

fl ight


adds 5-15%

to businesses’

total air travel

spend - let’s

work together

to put a stop

to it.

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