HIMEPLA Knives & Cutting Catalog


The Particularity of the Kitchen Knife

We are particular about every part of our knives: the sharpness

of the blade, the line of the cutting edge, the expression of the

metal that emerges on the surface, and the shape of the

handle. We express in our knives the sensibility of our

craftsmen, accumulated from their daily efforts.

Pursuit of Lightness

The ideal shape is created by imagining the person who uses the

knife and thoroughly researching all kinds of situations based on

the idea that "a knife should be a tool that does not tire easily".

Each Knife is Handmade
Each knife is made by hand, so each one has a different
look and feel, which is a sign of hand-made product.

Beauty and Ease of Use

The design of Misuzuknives is not limited to the original design butis

also the result of the pursuit of ease of use and a refined beauty.

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