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promised I’ll be his
customer for life.”
John said: “She had a
little patch of
discolouring quite far
back on her head.
“I have seen it before
with clients. It is always
best to get it checked.”
Claire is also urging
people who spot
anything unusual to see
their doctor.
She said: “The
chances are very high
that whatever it is will
be benign.”

now returned to the
salon in Dorchester,
Dorset, to give him a
big hug and a Bakewell
tart as a thank you.
The mother-of-two
said: “I had an itchy
scalp but I just thought
it was eczema. As soon
as I went to my GP, he
knew what it was.
“Had John not
noticed, it would have
carried on growing and
growing. I have now

By News Reporter

By Tom Bryant


A WOMAN has hailed
her hairdresser after he
spotted she had skin
cancer during her cut
and blow-dry.
Claire Bascombe, 59,
was having a trim at
John Edwards’s salon
when he spotted a lump
on her scalp.
He suggested she see
her GP, who diagnosed
basal cell carcinoma.
Retired nurse Claire
had a 50p-sized tumour
removed and was given
the all-clear. She has

Hairdresser spots cancer

A QUARTER of new
parents see their social
life disappear after their
first child, a study says.
Four in ten say they
have lost touch with
friends and family since
becoming a parent.
The poll, by baby food
brand Piccolo, also found
25 per cent have been
shunned when taking
their child out to eat.
Founder Cat Gazzoli
said: “The clientele are
not always welcoming.”

Baby ‘kills

social life’

including Lorraine Kelly talking to
each other as they hand over from
show to show.
The proposal adds: “With the feel
of a continuous live broadcast featur-
ing favourite and familiar faces, the
shows would have more interaction
between the end of each show and
a smoother handover between
presenters into the next show.
“Lorraine may chat with Phil and
Holly to hand over each day.”
ITV has been agonising over what
to replace the Jeremy Kyle Show
with, as it was the most popular
programme in the channel’s daytime
schedule, attracting a regular
audience of a million viewers.
It was axed after the suicide of
guest Steve Dymond.
It is understood ideas have been
piloted, with production companies
having been asked to pitch shows.
ITV fears, however, that any new
show in that slot would, understanda-
bly, be compared to Kyle and struggle
to build an audience.
A source said that Holly and Phil,
who earn around £600,000 each,
were the “natural choice” and “the
number one choice” to fill the slot
left vacant by Kyle.
Last night, an ITV insider
said they were “looking at
different ideas” although
“no decisions have yet been
made on the slot”.
Mother-of-three Holly
has spent her summer
family holiday soaking up
the sun in Portugal alongside
her co-host and close friend
The popular stars take a
few weeks off the morning
show every July and
August. This Morning
has been a staple of
ITV since its debut
in 1988.

Jeremy Kyle... left
vacant slot on ITV

‘Number one choice’... Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield set for earlier start

Viewers set for

more Phil and

Holly in huge

ITV shake-up

STAR presenters Phillip Schofield
and Holly Willoughby are to win
huge pay rises as ITV plans a massive
overhaul of its daytime schedule.
Station bosses are reportedly work-
ing on a top secret plan to fill the gap
left by the axed Jeremy Kyle Show.
One proposal is to launch a bumper
This Morning series.
The daytime favourite would start
half an hour earlier at 10am, with
Phil and Holly talking through view-
ers’ letters and stories of the day
where “nothing is off limits”.
As part of the plan, the first half
hour of Good Morning Britain would
be replaced with news – meaning a
lie-in for presenters Piers Morgan and
Susanna Reid, who would start at
6.30am instead of 6am.

Meanwhile, Lorraine would be
moved to the later start of 9am.
The plan detailing the changes was
submitted to a select ITV focus group
for feedback.
A copy of it reads: “An earlier
helping of Phil and Holly every day
with a new show opener at 10am fea-
turing funny viewers’ letters and
emails with the hilarious and peculiar
things they have sent in.
“From crying with laughter
at naughty pictures innocent
kids have drawn to recalling
personal funny and relatable
anecdotes. Nothing is off
limits as they talk about the
stories and pictures of the
day that have grabbed their
Bosses also said they
wanted the daytime
schedule to become
“more of a live
event” – with all
the presenters

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