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Daily Express Friday, August 23, 2019 19


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number one priority and as a
school we have invested and
continue to invest an incredible
amount of time and resources, in
particular training and software,
to ensure that our safeguarding
processes, procedures and systems
keep our children, our staff and
our families safe.”
A report by the Children’s
Commissioner Anne Longfield in

February warned that nationwide
as many as 27,000 children iden-
tify themselves as gang members.
Gang leaders recruit them
because they are far less likely to
attract attention from police or to
be sentenced to jail if they are
Ms Longfield said: “The criminal
gangs operating in England
are complex and ruthless

organisations, using sophisticated
techniques to groom children, and
chilling levels of violence to keep
them compliant.
“It is too easy for them to
succeed. Thousands of children in
towns and cities across England
are at risk and the same attention
must be paid to protecting them as
to other major threats to

‘put dealer in every class’

Police raid on a house believed to have been used by the drug gang and, right, a suspect being taken away
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