Healthcare Radius – August 2019

(Kiana) #1



  1. In India, 50 – 80%
    of people suffer at
    least one episode of
    back pain in their

restoring spine function. QI Spine Recur-
rence Management programme is designed
to help patients take care of their spine in
the future and manage any bouts of pain
with success.

What is the business model for
new centres?
We invest around Rs one crore per centre,
which includes investment in technology,
infrastructure as well as manpower. Our
clinics spans approximately 1,500 feet. We
have our own research institute and train-
ing academy for imparting training to spine

How do you see treatment of back pain
evolve a few years down the line?
With awareness and right treatment,
people with back and neck pain should
be able to lead a normal life and con-
tinue doing all physical activities that

they pursued before the pain disrupted
these activities. The insurance companies
should back and encourage non-surgical
treatment of back and neck pain, as the
surgical options runs into lakhs but do not
address the root cause.

What is the road ahead for the group?
We plan to expand to 80-90 clinics in the
next five years within India. We are also
keen on making our prescence in other
countries. We will start in the US soon. We
are looking at foraying into the Middle East
as well.
Through Arenja Holdings, we have made
investments in healthcare ventures which
varies from clinics, fitnesss services &
Metabolic Health (Melt.Health), health and
fitness equipment (Trinity Healthtech), and
specialised care for chronic diseases. We
will focus on strengthening our presence in
all these ventures.


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