Outdoor Rooms – August 2019

(Kiana) #1


Phone: 08 8376 9330

Dimensions: 900 x 900mm

Accessories available soon:
an outdoor coffee table | Deluxe cover

Designer and avid yachting
enthusiast, Mitch Mead, has
drawn his unique design
inspiration from the J1 sail, the
large sail that forms the triangle
between the forestay, deck and
mast. Handcrafted from solid
3mm Corten steel, the J1 handles
all weather. Its timeless appeal
enhances all garden landscapes.

Generating the perfect heat, the
J1 has a solid steel grill available
for sharing a BBQ cooking
experience with friends around
the warmth of the wood fire.

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Free Delivery Australia
Wide. Offer Ends Soon.

Handcrafted by renowned
Australian-made barbeque
manufacturer, Heatlie BBQs
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