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Futurewood supplies a quality range of environmentally
friendly, low maintenance, timber alternative building products
including composite timber screening, cladding and decking.

Futurewood’s composite timber decking range is one of the
largest in the country and the recently released CleverDeck
Xtreme “capped” composite decking board is receiving
great interest based on the range of colours, performance,
quality and value.

Take a look at this wonderful Brisbane home with its
magnifi cent garden and outdoor lifestyle features. What
sort of decking would be required to not only fi t in to this
luxury vista but to add value to this entertainers delight?
CleverDeck Xtreme is the answer. Uncomporomising quality,
low maintenance decking that is surprisingly affordable and
it allows the owners of this fi ne home more time to enjoy the
luxuries of their surroundings.

CleverDeck Xtreme capped composite timber decking never
needs oiling or painting and is easy to clean. For this kind
of party house you might think that the deck would require
regular scrubbing to remove the wine and food stains from
endless gatherings but the reality is the hard outer shell
is water proof and most stains can be removed simply by
mopping the surface.

CleverDeck Xtreme is a co-extruded decking meaning that it
is made up of 2 separate layers of material. The internal core
is traditional composite timber blended from recycled plastic
and hardwood sawdust ground in to a powder and mixed
together. Over this core we apply a hard, outer shell or cap
made from a special mix of virgin polymers that completely
encapsulates the core. The Xtreme cap is made from a blend
of materials designed to make it super tough and much
harder to scratch than traditional composite timber. It is
virtually water proof and that means it is very hard to stain

and easy to clean. The cap’s virgin polymer blend allows the
use of vibrant colour hues with subtle streaking creating a
totally new decking “look”. The Xtreme board is available in
7 amazing colours supplied in a scalloped back design to
help reduce weight and provide air fl ow between the joist
and the board. CleverDeck Xtreme is supplied in a 138mm
wide x 23mm thick x 5400mm long board with grooved edges
allowing for an effi cient time saving concealed fi x using the
Futurewood deck clip system of clips with self drilling screws
for either timber or steel joists.

For more information about Futurewood’s composite timber
decking range or architectural facade cladding and screening,
call 1300 484 308, or email info@futurewood.com.au

Futurewood’s new CleverDeck Xtreme decking suitable for any location!

CleverDeck Composite Decking & EnviroSlat Cladding

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