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Australia is blessed with some of the most diverse wildlife in the world.
More than 90 per cent of our plant species, 89 per cent of our marsupials,
87 per cent of our mammals and 45 per cent of our birds are found
only in Australia. Unfortunately, we also have one of the worst records
for plant and mammal extinctions in the world. Backyard Buddies, an
environmental education initiative spearheaded by the Foundation for
National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW), may well play a significant part in
creating a solution. Backyard Buddies is a free community environment
initiative that raises awareness and provides information on native plants
and animals that are likely to be seen in urban environments. Backyard
Buddies has just launched its new website to commemorate 10 years of
operation; it provides fun, simple ways of engaging with and conserving
Australia’s native flora and fauna. backyardbuddies.org.au

Just like the interior of a home, the exterior should also be
well designed. “The latest landscape trends reflect a desire
to bring the indoors out, creating comfortable landscapes
that are both functional and beautiful,” says Adbri Masonry
brand ambassador and expert landscaper Jason Hodges.
A premium alternative to the firepit, the fire table provides
warmth and a great centrepiece when you’re entertaining
friends and family. In smaller backyards, fire tables are
preferred over fireplaces due to their size, aff ordability
and point of diff erence. To
construct a fire table, use
concrete masonry retaining
wall blocks to create a
wall around the turnkey
hardware. A block such
as Adbri’s AB Courtyard
has specialty corner units
to save you cutting the
block. This block is easy
to stack, doesn't require
mortar or glue and
provides a great finish.
To complete the table,
use pavers or a sealed
concrete slab for the top.

Throughout the centuries, ninjas have defeated warriors and warlords.
Now a new battle is about to commence — its location, your garden!
This handmade and weather-resistant Ninja Garden Gnome is here
to protect your shrubs. It’s integrated with a solar panel battery that
charges during the day and allows the ninja’s eyes to automatically
illuminate when it’s dark. His mighty sword and frightful stare make
this one gnome not to be messed with! gyrofish.com.au

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