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Last year, Victoria enacted new housing guidelines favouring pet owners by
making it more diff icult for landlords to prohibit domestic animals in rentals.
However, the costs of property damage caused by pets remains the tenant’s
responsibility, as it does in New South Wales, per the 2010 Residential
Tenancies Act. “Australians already spend around $12.2 billion annually on
pets, so it’s important to reduce other unnecessary costs where possible,” says
Andrew Weeks, business development manager at Cyclone. “Pet owners can
easily help avoid expensive repairs by making simple adjustments at home.
Scratching on the doors and windows is the universal signal for ‘let me out’ or
‘let me in’ — and pets can be particularly enthusiastic when someone walks
past. Cyclone’s Pet Mesh is an ideal addition for doors and windows as it’s
specially designed to resist paws, claws and gnawing.” cyclone.com.au

The rustic look is still going strong and can be easily achieved with a little bit
of DIY. That’s why we’re swooning over this image from The Normans wedding
venue in York in the United Kingdom. With a few burlap sacks, chopped wood,
some sprigs of greenery and festoon lights, maybe you could try to recreate
this sunken seating area in your own backyard. Pictured are the Ingenious
festoon lights, which are LED Edison-inspired bulbs. They certainly add a
bit of romance and magic to this charming rustic setting. lights4fun.co.uk;

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