The Week Junior UK - 03.08.2019

(Axel Boer) #1
Dartmoor NationalPark has
many beautiful sites, but
Meldon Reservoir is among the
most special.Steep banks
around thewater offerfantastic
views of the OkementValley,
and there’splenty to do.
Footpaths offereasy walks, and

the adventurouscanfreely
explorethe open moorland.
Keep acarefulwatch for
adders (the UK’sonly
venomous snakes) in the
grass, lookforbrown trout in
the waters and pack some
Find out

MarineConservationZones (MCZs) are
protected areasofsea around the UK
designed to protect endangered
species and habitats. Earlier this year,
the Government announced 41 new
MCZs around England, bringing the
total to 91 (Wales and Northern
Ireland have similar schemes;Scotland
has its own Marine Protected Areas).
Information gathered by the Wildlife
Trusts in surveys helpsexperts to see
wherenew MCZs should be.

New protectedzones





MeldonReservoir ,Devon


fyou live near thecoast, aretakingaseaside
holiday or even just plan to takeabeach trip this
summer,then perhaps youcould help the
WildlifeTrusts with their Shoresearch
2019 project. The WildlifeTrusts area
collection of charities across the
country that arededicate
protecting the UK’s
wildlife through
practical schemes and
citizen scienceprojects –
wheremembers of the public
help scientists gather information.
Shoresearch isanational survey
of wildlife along the seashore, and the

WildlifeTrusts arelooking for volunteers to help
themrecordthe animals and plants to be found
around thecountry’scoastline. Through these
surveys, theycansee whether the
population numbers and locations of
different animals arechanging.
Theseresults canthen be
used tokeep track of the
ealth of thecountry’ssea life
easurethe effects of
climate change. Climate change
is the long-term shift in weather
patterns, such as rising average
temperatures around the world,
caused mostly by human activities

includingfarming, cuttingdown forests and burning
fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas).
This year,Shoresearch is stepping up its efforts to
research the wildlife on our shores. Thereare four
types of survey,with differentcollection methods
depending on whether the shoreisr ockyors andy.For
example, one is to dig outacolumn of sand;another
is to tick offachecklist inatimed species search.
To get involved,contact your local WildlifeTrust.
Thereare 46 local WildlifeTrust organisations
covering the whole of the UK. Onceyou’ve found your
nearest one, get in touch and let them know that
you’d liketovolunteer for Shoresearch–many are
organising special events. Find out moreabout
Shoresearch at


ed to

Turn rockpooling
into science.

An adder.

Coast MCZ.

Cornish crab.

In the UK ther


reserves than branches
of McDonald’s.
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