The Week Junior UK - 03.08.2019

(Axel Boer) #1


has Panchanged?
book and play,Pan is actuallyrather selfish
rrogant, which Barrie thought werebad
nality traits to have. Infact, early versions of
ory hadPan, not the wicked Captain Hook and
w of pirates, as the villain. In the 1953 Disney
ted film,Panwas farless selfish. In the film,
smischievous and liked playing tricksonthe
d Captain Hook.
spite being created morethan 100 years ago,
Paniss till loved today.The themes of the
s –growing up,love, and believing in magic
e inspired audiences all over the world. There
ven statues ofPanacross the globe, and he’s
red incountless different plays and films.

r Panand aspecial anniversary
wasasupporter of GreatOrmond
Hospital (GOSH), whichcare sfor
peoplefacing complexillnesses.
9, 90 years ago,the author gave
hts to the book to the hospital.
rights mean that every time
one uses any of Barrie’snovel, the
tal rece ives money,known as a
y payment. In the UK, most bookslose
rights after 50 or 70 years, which means
anyonecanuse them freely,but in 1988,Parliament
decided that becausePeter Panwashelping such a
goodcause, GOSH should be given the rights forever.
This helpscare for the 619 young people who arrive
at the hospitaleach day.Earlier this year,aset of six
50p coins with differentPeter Panquotes and
characters werereleased to mark the anniversary.

People dressed as

Peter Pan.

Peter Panand the Darlings
in the Disney animation.



Wendy houses get

their name from the building
createdfor Wendy Darling
by PeterPan and the
Lost Boys.

One of the
new coins.
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