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orethan two million children in the UK have
been living in poverty for at least two out of
the past three years, according toanew study.
Research shows that 14.3 million people live in
poverty in the UK, meaning that oncethey have paid
thecosts of their housing, heating and childcare, they
have less money left overcompared to the amount
the average UKfamily has.
Agroupcalled the Social MetricsCommission
(SMC), which measures poverty in the UK, has
been looking at the issue for three years and uses
information to track how the situation has changed.
Of the 14.3 million people now living in poverty,a
thirdofthem areindeep poverty.This means they
have less than 50% of the money the averagefamily
has to spend. In money terms, this meansacouple
with two children in deep poverty has £211aweek to
spend after paying for their home, andasingle parent
with one child has less than £101.50aweek.
In comparison, Government statistics show that
the average household spent £572.60each week in
2018, the highest figuresince2005.

The SMC added that seven million people,
including 2.3 million young people, areliving in
persistent poverty,which means they have been in
poverty for at least two of the previous three years.
Many of thesefamilies will not have enough money
to let their children join in with activities such as
school trips, and some parents may have trouble
paying for new clothes or school lunches.
After publishing the figures, the SMCcalled on
the new Prime Minister,Boris Johnson, to takeaction
on poverty.They said hecould help tackle the issue
by increasing state benefits (money given to people
in certain circumstances to help them meet their
day-to-day living needs) that help workingfamilies
in need. Some of these benefits haven’t increased in



“The new Prime Minister’s firs
Impress the cat” BBCNews


Duchessguest editsVogue


eghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has guest
edited the September edition of the monthly
fashion magazineVogue.TheissueistitledForcesfor
Changeandthecover features 15 different women
whom Markle finds inspirational. These include the
climate activist Greta Thunberg and NewZealand’s
prime minister,Jacinda Ardern. Thereisalsoasmall
mirror,sothat thereadercansee their ownface
alongside the 15 trail-blazingcover stars.

Cooling tower demolished


n28July,acooling tower atFerrybridgeCpower
station inWest Yorkshirewas demolished. A
cooling tower isalarge,round building that is used
to cool water from power stations. Thiswasthe first
step inaplanned demolition of the whole site; four
othercooling towers will be knocked down in October.
The power plant produced electricity for morethan
50 years beforeitwas closed in March. At its peak it
supplied energy to almost two million peopl

Comedy Roman

pen found inLondon


Roman pen, which hasajoke
etched into its side, has been
discovered inLondon. The iron penwas
found in anexcavation that took place
between 2010 and 2014, but analysis
on it has only just beencompleted.
The pen dates back to around AD70.
Part of the message written on the
side of the pen says, “I bring you a
welcome gift withasharp point that
you mayremember me.”Italso
mentions that the buyer
has an empty purse after
spending their money on it.

Millions of children in UK living

in po verty,new study finds

Many young people in
the UK live in poverty.



Larry thecatlives with
the Prime Minister.

The Roman


The tower
crashes down.

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