The Week Junior UK - 03.08.2019

(Axel Boer) #1
nd ofKomodo to the
dragons that live there.
orld’slargest living
spec es o zar on e s an. round 176,000 tourists
visited the island last year,scaring off the dragons’prey.Two
other islands wherethe dragons live will stay open.

Anti-governmentprotests continue
Foreight weekends inarow therehave been protests in
HongKong. The demonstrations began asaresponse to a
proposed new law,which HongKong protesters say would
give China too much power over theirregion. HongKong is
ment. The protests have

Madhubani, India
“Meteorite ”lands in rice field
Afootball-sized meteorite isreported to have
hit aricefield ineastern India.Ameteorite
is apieceofr ock or metal thatfalls to Earth
from outer space. The impact, on 22 July,
shockedfarmers working nearby.The object is
described as being shiny,light brown, magnetic
and weighing about 15 kilograms. The Bihar
Museum will display it beforeitissent for
further studies at the Shrikrishna ScienceCentre.

Around the world

NorthKorea teststwo newmissiles
On 25 July,North Koreatested two new missiles by firing
them into the SeaofJ apan. The leader of NorthKorea, Kim
Jong-un, says thecountry needs to develop weapons in order
to protect itself against any threats, but the tests areseen as
aresponse to planned militaryexerc ises by SouthKoreaand
the US, which have angered Kim. Kim said hewaspleased
with the tests, but SouthKoreahas warned thecountry’s
leader not to increase tension in theregion.

350million n
plantedinone day
On 29 July,Ethiopia is belie
set anew worldrecordby
morethan 350 million tree
It is part ofaplan by theEt
government to plant four b
by the end of the year.The
Legacy projectwasannoun
26 May by Prime Minister
Forthe project, everyEthio
is expected to plant 40 tree
waslaunched to fight defo
(the cutting down of trees)
country.Some government offices
closed so that peoplecould takepart.

Kim Jong-un


The impact
site inafield.

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