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Nowthatyou’vereadabit moreabout it,tell us whatyouthinkbyvoting in our
poll youthink that people should stop
flying, orNOif youdon’t.We’ll publish theresultsnextweek.


Shouldpeoplestop takingflights?


ith schools finished for summer,some people
aregettingready to fly off on their holidays.
However,planes arenot good for the environment.
It is estimated thatcommercial flights (those that
makemoney transporting passengers or goods) are
responsible for around 2.5% of the world’stotal
carbon emissions.Arecentreport says thatcountries
need toreducetheir carbon emissions if theywant
to limit globalwarming. In Sweden,amovement
called Flygskam, which means flight shame, has led
to morepeople in thecountry travelling by train.
Some people think othercountries should follow suit.
Others argue that flying is necessary and that other
forms of transport aren’t always practical. So should
everyone stop flying?

Yes–it’sbadforthe planet
Planes producehugeamountsof CO2. Aperson
taking just one flightcanproducemorecarbon
emissions than some people do in an entireyear.
Forexample,areturn flight fromLondon to NewYork
generates 986 kilograms ofCO2per passenger.There
are56countries in the world wherethe average
person will emit less than that inayear. Stopping
flying is one of the biggestways to reduceour carbon
footprint andcombat climate change.Taking planes
isn’t the onlywaytoget around, either.Activist Greta
Thunberg hasn’t been onaplane since2015;instead
she travels across Europe by train. Byrefusing to take
flights, peoplecansend amessage to airlines that
they must makeflying moreenvironmentally friendly.

No–people need to fly
Flying is oneoft he safestways to travel, and
it is often theeasiest waytoget to your destination.
Planes have allowed people toexplorethe world and
see things that they otherwise wouldn’t.Travel is
whatconnects us to other people. Without taking a
flight, peoplecan’t visit new places, see members of
their family,orc onduct important business meetings.
Although other forms of transport areavailable,
they’renot practical for every journey.Ifp eople
stopped flying, then they might drivecars moreoften,
which also emit high levels ofCO2, especially over
longer distances. Besides, making planes better for
the environmentcosts money,but airlines will have
less money if people stop flying.

●Flygskamis Swedishforflight shame.
It is also the name ofanew movement
that is encouraging people to fly less
because of the environmental impact of
planes. Climate activist Greta Thunberg
hasn’t been onaplane since2015.
●Aeroplanesrelease large amounts of
carbon dioxide (CO2) into the Earth’s
atmosphere.CO2emissions arelinked to
climate change, which is the long-term
changes in the world’sweather patterns,
such as rising global temperatures,
caused by human activity.
●Burningfossil fuels (coal, oil and gas),
farming and cutting downfore sts are
all majorcauses of climate change.


Some people say thatfewertripsby
plane will help savethe planet.

Last week, we asked if you thought it
wasoktostop readingabook halfway
through. Most of you
said yes–you
shouldn’t make
something if
you don’t find
it interesting.


Flying is badforthe environment and
contributes to climate change.We should
all stop flying to help protect the planet.


Thereare many alternativeforms of transport
–you don’t always have to get onaplane.


If people stop flying then it will put pressure
on airlines to makeplanes moresustainable
and environmentally friendly.


Flying is one of the safestforms of travel and
without it many people wouldn’t be able to
visit new places or seefamily members.


Otherforms of transport, likecars, also
producecarbon and anyway, they aren’t
practicalforevery journey.


If we stop flying, then airlines might not have
the money to spend on cleaner air travel.

Threereasons why people should
stop flying on planes

Threereasons why people shouldn’t
stop flying on planes






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