What is a Conex Box

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The metal doors on the shipping containers on these containers are standardized. Conex Box containers use
the same type and style of doors and locking bars, which our tool can be used.

Lengths are as follows: 20', 40', 45', 48', 50', 53'. All these containers are globally used to transport cargo. The 53'
length is now, the new the standard length.

Here are some likely reasons a Conex Box shipping container door will not open or close. Our tool helps to
address these issues.

  • Doors and lockrods may warp or container frame is racked so that the door gear will not operate correctly.
    This may be caused by cargo shifting during transit. Look at the container to make sure that the doors are
    aligned and level, both top and bottom.

  • The hinge pins and blade are seized due to corrosion.

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