What is a Conex Box

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  • The door gasket has been damaged and is preventing opening. Door gaskets are designed to present two or
    more fins against the structure or adjacent door. These are generally flexible but when the gasket is damaged,
    they may become hard or blocked thus jamming the door closed, or preventing it being closed.

  • Water has become trapped between frozen shipping container doors, particularly relevant to refrigerated
    cargoes, or containers with moisture releasing cargoes in cold weather.

To aid in opening and closing conex box doors, we introduce OPNBar.

Our conex box tool can simplify the opening/closing of conex boxes in freezing or wet conditions. It's
versatility can also help to open/close rusted or worn out containers, thump tires, and release tractor from

Our 3 in 1 conex box tool gives you the best bang for your buck in addition to the safety and savings our tool
provides to trucking companies and their safety departments, along with insurance companies, reduced
workman‟s comp claims.



Trucking Company Safety - Reduce Injury / Workmans Comp Risk

Did you know that cargo and insurance companies lose billions a year due to operator injury? We introduce 3
Trucker Tools in 1! A conex box safety hand leverage tool, designed for opening and closing trucking and
conex boxes, a Tire Thumper, and 5th Wheel Pull Hook, designed with the safety of the driver, operator, and
worker foremost in mind.

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