Global Times - 01.08.2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1

By Yang Sheng and
Chu Daye

The latest round of China-US
trade talks ended with “candid,
constructive and efficient” in-
depth exchanges in Shanghai
and the next round will take
place in the US in September.
The two sides also discussed
further Chinese purchases of
US agriculture imports “based
on its domestic demand,” and
how the US should create a fa-
vorable condition for such pur-

Chinese Vice Premier Liu
He, US Trade Representative
Robert Lighthizer and Treasury
Secretary Steven Mnuchin held
the 12th round of China-US
high-level economic and trade
consultations in Shanghai
Tuesday to Wednesday, the Xin-
hua News Agency reported.
Based on the consensus that
the leaders of the two coun-
tries reached in Osaka, Japan
in June, the deep exchange be-
tween the two sides this time
on issues of concern to both
sides in the economic and trade

fields was frank, constructive
and efficient, said Xinhua.
The statement from the
White House also described the
meetings as constructive.
Liu is also a member of the
Political Bureau of the Com-
munist Party of China Central
Committee and chief of the
Chinese side of the China-US
comprehensive economic dia-
logue, and Chinese Minister of
Commerce Zhong Shan also
attended the consultations.
The two sides also discussed
the issue about China to in-

crease US agricultural imports,
“based on its domestic de-
mand,” and how the US should
create a favorable condition for
such purchases.
The talks, which lasted two
days, are the first round of talks
the two sides have held since
May and according to Xinhua,
the next round will take place in
September in the US.
Bai Ming, dep-
uty director of the
Ministry of Com-
merce’s interna-
tional market re-

By Wang Cong and
Chen Qingqing in
Hong Kong

As Hong Kong authorities
moved forward with riot charg-
es against dozens of radical pro-
testers in their first major legal
action after violence and chaos
persisted in the city for weeks,
anti-government forces in the
city and beyond launched more
physical and verbal attacks
against the police.
In an ill-fated attempt at
pressuring the authorities to
drop riot charges against the
protesters, anti-government
groups clashed with police of-
ficers on Tuesday night and
Wednesday and spread distort-
ed narratives of a police officer
legally using a gun during a
clash as evidence of police bru-
tality, undermining the rule of
law in the city.
The Hong Kong Police
Force on Tuesday announced
riot charges against 44 people
arrested during an
illegal protest on
Sunday, when pro-


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Chinese Vice Premier Liu He (center), US Trade Representative
Robert Lighthizer (right) and US Treasury Secretary Steven
Mnuchin pose for a photo before holding talks at the Xijiao
Conference Center in Shanghai on Wednesday. Chinese and US
negotiators met in Shanghai in a bid to bring an end to a year-
long trade war. Photo: IC

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