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s one of the most elite coun-
terterrorism forces in China,
the Falcon Commando Unit
carried out its grueling seasonal drills
in late June.
Over the last several years, Falcon
members have had to push them-
selves to their physical limits to safe-
guard national security and combat
crime in some of the most diffi cult
The Falcon Commando Unit car-
ries out four grueling “Hell Week”
trainings every year. The second
seven-day period of training focuses
on water drills.
Since the sun is the fi ercest in sum-
mer, the Falcon squads had to deal
with horribly hot temperatures and
extremely cold water at the same time.
Additionally, soldiers have to get by
with little sleep, water and food, which
requires them to push their bodies to
the limit.
Even though they are part of the
most preeminent special forces team
in China, many members still fi nd
the harsh training diffi cult, with some
soldiers suff ering severe heatstrokes
or passing out during the drills.
According to the Xinhua News
Agency, the special operations brigade,
belonging to the Chinese People’s
Armed Police Forces, was offi cially
named “Falcon Commando Unit” in
2014 by Chinese President Xi Jinping,
who is also chairman of the Central
Military Commission.

Xi also presented the brigade
with their own fl ag that year, Xinhua
Xi said the Falcons are the top
national anti-terror force, and called
on the commando unit to proactively
fi ght terrorism, safeguard national
security and maintain social stability,
Xinhua reported.
Some 30 members of the team
overcame extreme cold as they spent
47 days in the mountains and scaled
peaks to capture terrorists, reported
the China Youth Daily.
The brigade has also participated in
international competitions. They have
represented China’s armed police
three times in world-class competi-
tions including Jordan’s Warrior
Competition and The Sniper World
Cup in Hungary. They have won seven
gold and fi ve silver medals.
The team has also hosted joint
anti-terrorism drills with soldiers from
other countries.
Experts in the fi eld of anti-terror-
ism from other countries, including
Israel, Hungary and
Jordan, have been
invited to train the
soldiers of the Falcon
Commando Unit.

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