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search institute, told the Global Times
that the scant information revealed
the talks must have been “heated” and
reached a stalemate.
Bai said favorable conditions that will
make more Chinese agricultural pur-
chases happen could refer to partial con-
cessions from the US.
“It could be on the US commitment
to relax a ban on Huawei, or it could be
US efforts on other fronts,” said Bai. “At
any rate, China would not make an agri-
culture purchase if it deemed US efforts
fell short of expectations.”
Observers noted that even if China
decides one day to buy more US agricul-
tural products, that would serve its real
domestic demand rather than to appease

US protectionism and hegemony.
The US crackdown on Chinese tech
companies, among which telecom giant
Huawei Technologies is a prominent
target, seems to have failed to achieve
the knockout effect it did with another
Chinese telecom giant ZTE Corp in the
year of 2018.
Huawei on Tuesday reported robust
first-half revenues of $58.3 billion, up
23.2 percent year-on-year, even as the US
ban remains on software and key parts
US President Donald Trump agreed
with Chinese President Xi Jinping dur-
ing their meeting at the G20 Osaka
summit to allow US companies to sup-
ply Huawei, but so far, little has hap-
pened on the ground.
On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that

China has lost jobs due to “the Trump
Tariffs” and “Trumps got China back on
its heels.”
He also tweeted “China is doing very
badly, worst year in 27 – was supposed
to start buying our agricultural product
now – no signs that they are doing so.
That is the problem with China, they
just don’t come through.”
Diao Daming, a US studies expert
and associate professor at Renmin
University of China in Beijing, told the
Global Times on Wednesday that this
shows that Trump is getting nervous as
he desperately wants to earn credit from
the talks with China to reinforce his re-
election campaign.
Trump also cautioned China not to
delay finalizing a trade deal until after
the 2020 presidential election, threaten-

ing there would be a much tougher offer
on the table or no deal at all if he wins.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesper-
son Hua Chunying responded Wednes-
day that releasing such pressure on Chi-
na at this time is useless.
“The US should show more sincerity
and credibility,” Hua said.
Linking the trade talks with the presi-
dential elections will make the US even
more untrustworthy not only to China
but also to other US trade partners with
trade frictions, Diao noted. “The key is
the US should show an attitude of hon-
esty and credibility based on win-win co-
operation and mutual respect,” he said.
“A deal can surely be reached with
such an attitude, and without this at-
titude, any release of nervous and frus-
trated pressure would be useless.”

testers clashed with the police
and allegedly used lethal weap-
ons such as bricks and sharp-
ened iron rods against officers.
On Wednesday, a judge at
the Eastern Magistrates’ Court
granted 43 of them bail and
one, who defied an order to
appear before the court, was is-
sued an arrest warrant and de-
nied bail. Trials will be held in
September, and the defendants
face up to 10 years in prison.
In a rare comment on the
Hong Kong situation, Chen
Daoxiang, commander of the
Chinese People’s Liberation
Army Garrison in Hong Kong,
on Wednesday condemned vio-
lent incidents in the city, which
he said have touched the bot-
tom line of the “one country,
two systems” principle and are
absolutely intolerable.

More violence
In response to the charges,
radical forces in the city held
more protests on Tuesday night
outside three police stations in
the city and at the courthouse
on Wednesday, where they con-
tinued to attack police officers
physically and verbally.
Outside the Eastern Law
Court Building, the radicals
blocked a police vehicle, threw
umbrellas and other objects at
the car and made offensive ges-
tures at officers inside the car,
online videos show.
Similar attacks against po-
lice officers were also seen on
Tuesday night during protests
outside a police station in Kwai
Chung, where, at one point,
protesters besieged and at-
tacked two officers on a disper-
sal operation, prompting one
officer to draw a shotgun at the
Later that night, anti-govern-
ment forces and some Western

media spread photos and video
of the officer pointing a gun as
evidence of their claim of police
brutality during protests. How-
ever, it was soon discovered
that they conveniently left out
the circumstances behind the
Video obtained by the Global
Times showed that the safety
of the officers was seriously
threatened by violent protest-
ers who surrounded and threw
objects at them before one
of them drew the gun loaded
with nonlethal beanbag bullets

  • a justified move under such
    circumstances, some top law
    enforcement experts in Hong
    Kong said.
    “It’s absolutely legitimate
    that the police officer raised the
    gun in that situation,” Chan
    Cho Kwong, chairman of the
    Hong Kong Junior Police Offi-
    cers Association, told the Glob-
    al Times on Wednesday.
    Under Hong Kong police

guidelines, officers are permit-
ted to use guns in three situa-
tions: first, when protecting
themselves or others from be-
ing hurt physically; second,
when arresting violent sus-
pects; and third, when restoring
peace and order during riots.
In a statement on Wednes-
day, Hong Kong police denied
any wrongdoing on the part
of the officer, saying that the
officer drew his gun to pro-
tect himself from the threat of
death or serious injury as he
was attacked by the protesters,
who also snatched his anti-riot
In an apparent attempt to
target the central government,
anti-government forces even
sought to blame the central
government for emboldening
the officers, pointing to a rare
press conference on Monday
held by the State Council’s
Hong Kong and Macao Affairs
Office, where officials praised

and supported the Hong Kong
police force.
But some experts noted that
the officer’s behavior was justi-
fied under the circumstances
and the officer did not need any
other reason to protect himself.
Tang King Shing, former
commissioner of the Hong
Kong police, told the Global
Times that the police officer
acted in a very restrained way
on Tuesday night, especially in
that extremely dangerous situa-

Police professionalism
Others in China also com-
pared the officer’s conduct with
those of riot police officers in
other countries, including the
US, pointing out that police
are much more aggressive and
quickly draw their guns with
live ammunition. “If it was in
the US, the officer would have
already fired his weapon,” one
online user said on Wednesday.

The Hong Kong police force
have gained praise and sup-
port from many in the city and
on the mainland for their hard
work and professionalism, de-
spite being in serious danger
and pressure. In some cases,
officers and their families were
threatened by protesters after
their home addresses and per-
sonal information were dis-
“Hong Kong Police have
been restrained and disci-
plined. They deserve com-
mendation,” a Twitter user in
Hong Kong wrote on Tuesday.
“(Black-clad) mobs are dan-
gerous felony criminals. No
problem to treat them harshly.
Police officers have Hong Kong
people’s full support,” another
user wrote on Wednesday.
Following days of violent ac-
tivities, many in the city have
started to worry that Hong
Kong society has fallen into an
anarchical and lawless status.
After fireworks were
launched from a passing black
sedan toward the police station
in Tin Shui Wai in the Yuen
Long district on Tuesday, where
white-clad individuals clashed
with black-clad protesters, and
fell into the crowd of protesters
and injured some, some specu-
lated that the unknown attacker
or attackers were angry over the
protesters, and others speculat-
ed that the incident was linked
to the police.
In a statement on Wednes-
day, the Hong Kong police said
the District Crime Squad of
Yuen Long is conducting an
investigation and that the po-
lice strongly condemned these
violent acts, and will spare no
effort to probe all illegal and
violent acts.

2 Thursday August 1, 2019

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A woman (center) arrives at the Eastern District Court to face a riot charge from clashes between
protesters and police in Hong Kong on Wednesday. Photo: AFP

Police praised for restraint, professionalism amid danger: observer

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