Cruelty and Vengeance

(Isra-이스라) #1

that had opened in the mall (according to what she said) and I
was one of the biggest and most passionate lovers of reading,
so I accepted, and we went to the library and its name was *
And we entered, and we went to take in the books and
read their content, starting from the first shelf until the last, and
each one of us took three books ... and we agreed that we
would take books similar to each other in order to talk about
the story .. then we paid the account ... and left ,....then we went
back to the city and each one of us went home...and it was half
past ten in the evening So I entered the house and went up to
my room, took a shower, then dried my hair with a towel, put
cream on it, then dried it with heat, and took the first book and
its title was under **** and called Maria to tell her that I
wanted to start with the story
And she responded
quickly, which was a strange and surprising thing.. (I did not
give any attention to the matter, frankly...) and we talked to
each other for a bit, then my mother called me

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