Expert Guide to Managing Online Meetings

(Joanna Rotary) #1

4. Sharing (can be business-like or informal)

Role: To have participants get to know each other
Procedure: Put a short list of topics on the screen and ask participants
to share their views and experiences. Formal examples:

  • What experience they have of the topic

  • Learning priorities

  • Role models

  • What they enjoy the most about their work

  • A professional achievement
    Informal examples

  • The most valued possession on your desk

  • Something you are grateful for

  • What media figure or fictional character would you like to run for
    President/Prime Minister, and why?

5. One word

Role: A quick way to open up a subject
Procedure : Adapt the “what one word describes” question e.g.

  • What one word describes why you want to learn about market

  • What one word describes your organisation?

  • What one word describes what this project means to you?

6. One question

Role: To get people thinking about capabilities
Procedure: If you could ask just one question to discover a person’s
suitability for (insert something related to your subject), what would it
be? For example

  • Being a qualitative researcher

  • Running a business together

  • Managing a household

7. Secrets of success

Role: to inspire
Procedure : Ask everyone to silently think of one person they admire
and consider to be a success. Then ask them to think silently of what it is
that makes that person successful. Finally ask them to tell the rest of the
group. Collect the answers and discuss.
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