The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

Aarav "so you are here to kill my dad but why?" She said
because he has done a lot of horrible things to the poor people,
that's why!" Aarav "what kind of horrible things that he has
done to the poor people? Miss!" She said "he has killed
thousands of people and destroyed thousands of girl's life, only
because he wanted to be rich." Aarav " those are bad things.
Miss!. But do you have any evidence that he has done those
things?" She said " yes! Here you go! Watch this video, you
will understand yourself." In that video Aarav's dad was
threatening some poor people and giving them warning that he
will kill them but they still said no so he killed them. She said to
Aarav "hey! Listen, is your mom awake?" Aarav "why?" She
said "I want to talk to her. That's all!" Aarav "yes! Let me
bring her here." Aarav's mom said to the assassin " what do
you want assassin?" She said to her calmly "miss listen! I want
you to watch this video. Can you just do that?" Aarav "mom
please watch it! It's so important." Aarav's mom "ok I will
watch it!" After she watched that video she said to the assassin
"please kill my husband! I will take his place after his death."
Assassin "please call me shadow! I know this is a weird name
but I can't tell you my real name and please transfer this
message to the police that 'all the corrupted person's life is in
danger, they all are gonna die like this by my own hands that's
all!" Aarav "Shadow! Can we meet again?" Shadow "no! I am
so sorry! We can't meet again and please tell the police that it
was dark so you couldn't see my face. Can you do that for me?"

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