The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

they exist?" That question was crossing her too many times so
she thought "it's fine to behave naively sometimes, right?" She
tried to approach the man but when she touched him, he raised
his head and said in a scary voice "what do you want girl?
Aren't you afraid of me like the other people?" She said to him
"I was kind of scared before approaching you but now I am not
afraid of you anymore. Your second question's answer is, I am
not like the other people. The others don't know what you are so
they are afraid of you but I know what you are so why should I
be afraid of you." Man said "how do you know what I am?" She
said "because I am a fantasy anime lover. Mostly knows every
mythical creature's name and my most favorite creature is
'vampires' and that's what you are, mister." Man said "what
now people are scared of me and I have nowhere to go!" Shadow
"first of all let me introduce myself. My name is Shad and I am
a traveler. What about you mister?" That man said "hello Shad!
I am Blade. Nice to meet you!" Shad "same here!" Blade "why
is it like you have a question for me, Shad?" Shad "I actually do
have a question for you Blade." Blade "and what that question
is?" Shad "well! Are you satisfied by drinking animal blood?"
Blade "to be honest! No, I am not! But what should I do about
it? I can't just bite random people, can I?" Shad "ya you are
right! So first let's go to my hotel room." Blade "what?! What
do you mean?" Shad "don't get a wrong idea! I have some
clothes that will fit you well your clothes are stained with blood.
Do you have a spare shirt?" Blade "no I don't have it." Shad

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