The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


After that first kill, she did the same to the others and
leave their families out of it so there will be no danger to them,
but the police contacted C I D after that the C I D went after.
The government named her as the best assassin, which means
The Reaper after that they still didn't get any traces of her
assassination not even a single drop of her blood. They didn't
get any because she already knew that if they find any of her
blood, she is finished and her revenge will never be completed.
So she made some needles, the specialty of those needles was
they can paralyze anyone even an elephant and a blue whale and
she also created some needles that can kill anyone in a minute if
they don't get treated in time so she also carries the medicine of
that needle. One day she got info about some mafia kidnapping
the PM's daughter so she thought that she wants to kill the PM,
not his daughter why not save her life and give him a favor,
instead. She ran to that moral. She got lucky that the kidnappers
only kidnapped PM's daughter not anyone else and her eyes are
close too, why not kill them and only leave the leader alive and

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