The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

get some info. She got the needles the one who can paralyze
once, she threw them to the mafias and paralyzed them after that
she saved the PM's daughter and told her to say that to the
police that "hey kiddo! You have to do a little acting, please tell
the police that my name is not 'The Reaper' my name is
'Shadow'. Can you do that for me? Little girl!" PM's daughter
said yes to her and then Shadow left the moral, peaceful. No one
could have thought that the PM's daughter will say something
good about Shadow. Well, let's know what she said to the police
she said: "police uncle! The one you call The Reaper saved my
life and said me to give this message to you that her name is
Shadow, not The Reaper" the policeman said to the PM's
daughter "what!? She said that. I guess it's better to call her
Shadow instead of The Reaper!" Policeman "um... Okay! If
that's what she wants to call herself." PM's daughter "I want to
go home now!" Policeman "we are going home, don't worry!"
She said "ok!"

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