The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


After rescuing PM's daughter she thought these people
wouldn't mind if I take a little break from killing them, would
they? I guess that depends on me after all I want to enjoy what
nature gives to these selfish people. It would be so much fun but
one question comes, where should I go? There are a lot of places
I have never visited before and the most incredible place can be
Kashmir or Ladakh, so let's see I think I will go with Kashmir
because there are a lot of mountains and dense forests but I
don't want to get eaten by wild animals I should take
some paralyzing needles if by chance I get into trouble so let's
see if I can find the tickets to Kashmir. Oh it's a little experience
but that will save me from eating my cooking on the train that is
helpful after all mom didn't completely tough me to cook but
that is still a lot better than eating junk food I don't want to get
fatty anyway but still I can't deny the fact that I love train food
so I guess I am going Kashmir and I am pretty sure 'they are
not gonna get bothered to come and check on me, do they? But I
am not sure about her but still, she is smart enough to know

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