The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

that I love traveling even after those years and I think I should
visit them but this year of is dangerous to go near them they
would kill me for sure. I should stay away from them for a
while. So it's done in the last of Jan is good timing for the
meantime I should try to hack some phones for fun and kill a few
of these corrupted people that really will do it. I just forgot I
should take those papers with me I might get in trouble if I leave
them there. She said to herself "the date is 31 Jan right? Ya, it is
and today is 28 Jan. Oh god! Only 2 days are left I should
gather my stuff! Oh ya, the needles!" Then a sound came from
her stomach she again said to herself "well I should get
something to eat before I starve to death! Oh, I saw a cup of
noodles, soup, chopped and cooked vegetables. I should make
avail. It's easy to make let's see the method - the first step
makes some soup then chip the veggies and cook them which is
already done so move to the second step mix the veggies and
soup then mix some tomato sauce mix them properly if you
want the taste good than if you like a little chilly taste I have
some momos sause I will mix momos sause with the other and
it's ready to eat so let's eat." After a while, she said "what a
great meal! Now I should play some game it's not like that I
play games too much like my bro used to do but still, it's kinda
boring and lonely without them. Well, let's just forget about
that and pack my stuff!" Here she was going to Kashmir, on the
other hand, CID didn't get any kind of evidence to find the
murderer but they were pretty sure that the families knew

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