The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1



Shad rented another room nearby her room for Blade and
he thanked Shad but Shad was feeling guilty for not telling him
the whole truth but she also knew this if anyone finds out that
he is a vampire few people might think of killing him and if he
gets to know who I really am that will cause him trouble as well
but she never imagined she would meet a real-life vampire in
Kashmir. Now her break is a special that day passed smoothly
afterward the next day has arrived she thought it would be good
to get some clothes for Blade but Blade declined the offer he said:
"no I can't let you do something like that, Shad!" Shad "we
don't have time to argue! Stop being like a kid and let's go get
you some clothes now!" Blade "I said no!" Shad "didn't you
hear me at first or what, huh?! I said we are going so it's settled
got that, Blade!" Seeing the expression Shadow was making he
was terrified so he went to get clothes anyway if he didn't agree
he knew she would kill him after all the one who saves you can
be the one who kills you, right? Well they took only 3 hours to
get the shopping done after that they returned to the hotel and
put those clothes in the corner both were hungry so they went

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