The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

out to eat something but Shad didn't know what to order so she
was thinking of using her phone to find what is the cheapest and
the most delicious food was in Kashmir and she found her
favorite dish in Kashmir and it was Kashmiri Rajma she
thought it would so taste to order Rajma after all it has been a
long since she ate Rajma Chaval so Shadow ordered Rajma
Chaval. After that Shadow wanted to discover the forests of
Kashmir so Shadow went to do a little sightseeing but this time
Blade also wanted to do a little sightseeing so he also was with
Shadow. When they entered the forest Shadow got a bad feeling
about this so she told Blade to stay out of the forest but Blade
refused it so Shadow used another method Shadow "hey Blade!
You like to drink human blood, right?" Blade "yes I do like it!"
Shadow "if you stay out of the forest so I will get you human
blood as well as some beautiful pictures of the forest." Blade
"hey! This isn't fair!" Shadow "I promise you I will get you
both but please don't tell me you are a perv!" Blade "OF
COURSE NOT!" Shadow "that's good to hear! So wait here
until I get back, okay?" Blade "okay!" After convenient Blade
she tried to find what has happened but all of a sudden she saw
some snow-covered with blood so she went further than she saw
a wolf cub she immediately recognized what has happened she
thought that the hunters tried to kill this wolf pack but the
wolves overpowered them but also got killed in the process. So
she decided to take wolf cub and raise him so she named him
Silver then she saw something else too coming towards her

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