The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


Blade started fighting the Snow Leopard in that process he got
too much injured he was getting dizzy he almost falls on the
ground but someone catches him before his fall and scared the
Snow Leopard away and that person also knew that he is a
vampire so that person cut his/her hand to give the home its
blood before he closed his eyes he almost saw that person's face
and he/she was saying "you are a fool, Blade!" Shadow "Blade
you okay?" Blade yeah I am ok now but someone gave me its
blood so that I can get better fast." Shadow "what?!" Blade "ya!
But I don't know that person but he or she said that I am a
fool!" Shadow "he or she was calling you a fool! Well, it
shouldn't be a surprise for you to hear people calling you a fool
because you ARE a fool!" Blade "hey! Don't call me to fool!"
Shadow "fine, fine!" Blade "hey Shad! Why were you started
screaming all of the sudden?" Shadow "well don't worry about
that, wait! Don't tell me you came here only because you heard
me screaming?!" Blade "um... Yes!" Shadow "you are an idiot!
Next time you hear me screaming you can come but don't get in

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