The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

fights with animals, okay?" Blade "ok! Can we get out of here
now?" Shadow "no not yet! You should come and see this whole
mess as well!" Blade "what mess are you talking ab--- WHAT
THE HELL IS THIS! How did you even find this, Shad?"
Shadow "well I got the feeling that something was wrong so I
told you to stay out of the forest but when I saw this I was
shocked but not only this shocked me but there was a wolf cub so
I thought it wouldn't survive in the age he was so I will raise
him and release him in the wild after he is big enough to survive
but the most shocking thing is that this wolf cub wasn't a
normal cub he is a shapeshifter and that concerns me the most
he wouldn't survive without our help and there is a hut close by
and it's big enough for both of us and the forest can provide us
food. So what do you say, Blade?" Blade "there is a hut nearby
so you want me to live with you and help you raising this wolf
cub, am I right?" Shadow "yes but don't worry we will be
leaving this place after he is old enough to live on his own."
Blade "okay! But what's his name?" Shadow "his name is
Silver!" Blade "Silver huh! It's a good name! So let's go to the
hotel and get our clothes!" Shadow "yeah!" when they reached
the hut Blade had a question mark on his face like he has some
questions for Shadow. So Shadow asked him "what is bothering
you Blade?" Blade "you noticed that!" Shadow "of course! You
don't stay silent for a minute but you are silent like you can
speak. So what it is?" Blade "I was wondering that; what are
these shapeshifters?" Shadow "you don't know what are

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