The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

shapeshifters?" Blade "not quite! I don't understand why do
they exist?" Shadow "it's a rude thing to say about any kind of
race. But you are right! Why do they exist? Well the answer is
simple; all these mythical creatures live in shadows because
everyone needs to maintain the balance of us humans find out
these mythical creatures exist in this world they will make you
slaves and murder the people they don't like but I am certain
that humans will contain researches on mythical creatures you
might lose the race you are from they will make you monsters so
don't even think about getting involved with humans, you got
that!" Blade "yes! But you are also a human but you are not
evil!" Shadow "almost everyone in this world is evil even in the
eyes of people I am evil but you are kind of lucky that I am the
only one who found you that day." Blade "ya, you are right!"
Shadow "it's getting late we should go to bed now! Good night
Blade!" Blade "good night, Shad! Oh Shad wait!" Shadow
"what is it Blade?" Blade "what is your full name Shad?"
Shadow "how did you know?" Blade "you can call me an idiot
and fool but I am smart enough to know that 'shad' isn't your
full name." Shadow "ok fine! My full name is Shadow!" Blade
"ok thanks for telling me Shadow!"

Will be continued in the next chapter!
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