The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


The night has fallen and the sun has raised Shadow was
sleeping well but then Blade threw a bucket of water on her. She
woke up in a hurry saying "what the heck?" Blade said, "stop
this nonsense you should be awake by now and you should be
the one who wakes both me and Silver, Shadow!" Shadow "oh
gosh! Why don't you let me sleep Blade?" Blade "it's going to
be afternoon when you wake up Shadow." Shadow "I don't
care! let me sleep!" Blade "wake up now or I will throw one
more bucket of water on you right now!" Shadow "fine, fine! I
am awake so put that bucket aside, will ya?!" Blade "fine! Go
take a bath and come down for breakfast!" Shadow "I was asleep
so who made breakfast?" Blade "I did! I used to be a cook at a
restaurant!" Shadow "I cook! That means we get to eat a
restaurant type of breakfast every morning! Cool!" Blade "I am
good at cooking and a little bad at combat. So can you give this
little guy some combat training?" Shadow "yes of course! I can
do that! So after breakfast, your training will start Silver?!"
Silver "ok mother!" Shadow "did you just call me your
mother!" Silver "yes I did!" Shadow said in mind "this is bad I
am not married yet and he is calling me his mother!" Shadow
"hey Silver! From now on please call me big sister and call

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