The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

Blade big brother, okay!" Silver "ok big sis!" From then on they
trained Silver after one year Silver grew like a wolf cub as well
as a human. He was smart, strong, and reliable but the time
came too fast to let him live his own life but he wasn't alone in
this he can contact me or Blade when he needs help and he also
found some other wolves and ravens and we found out that
these kinds of the race came in this world through bloodstain but
I and Blade didn't know much about the blood rain so we let
that topic slide Shadow found a big house in the deeper forest so
they took Silver there and Shadow said to him "Silver! It has
been a great year for both me and Blade to raise you but from
now on you are on your own but don't hesitate to contact any of
us for help if you get in trouble and Blade is staying in Kashmir
so you can get his help if you need any help don't you ever think
you are alone in this ok!" Silver "ok big sis!" Blade "so as
Shadow said I am staying here in Kashmir but Shadow is not
staying here. She has a little important work to do in Delhi so if
we went Delhi we will contact you Shadow." Shadow "it was
great meeting both of you now goodbye Silver and Blade!" Blade
"goodbye Shadow!" Silver "goodbye mother!" Shadow "you
still like to tease me with that huh?!" Silver "that look on your
face don't suit you well big sis!" Shadow "it's time see you both
soon!" Silver and Blade "same to you!" That's how she said
goodbye to both Blade and Silver.

It Will be continued in the next chapter
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