The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


After saying goodbye to her friends she took the train for
Delhi and the train was at its normal speed then all of the
sudden it took the way to Mumbai but Delhi isn't far away from
Mumbai. When she reached Mumbai she heard someone saying
"the one who was murdering political people hasn't committed
any crime after the train to Kashmir on date 31st Jan." His
friend said to him "ya! And it seems like a murderer was
traveling with and we didn't know about it!" Shadow said in
mind "is the CID stopped this train because they are gonna try
to find that murderer but if that happens I need to get away
from here fast or let's see ya these can help. If they have my
needles these glues will help me hiding my fingers. Now let's
have a little sightseeing of Mumbai train station." She was
wondering on the station like a kid but she didn't go too far
away from where everyone was standing than she felt a little
Ichi on her neck when she touched it that hurt so bad that she
remembered that she didn't lock her door before going to sleep
last and it seems like Blade needed blood so badly that bit
Shadow especially on the neck anyway that wasn't the first
time she gave him her blood She said in mind "seriously Blade
you are so dead when I see you again!" Then she realized

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