The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

something because of that she started blushing so badly. She
didn't think about it before but now she is trying to calm herself
down After that she saw something dark she went in there but
didn't found anything but then a shadow formed in front of her
she was kind of scared so she thought that it's better to get out
of that place as fast as she could she said in mind "ghosts don't
exist, ghosts don't exist, ghosts don't exist!" She repeated that
line 20 times after that she left that place. When she gets to the
place where everyone was standing she saw CID and the
soldiers were in a group of almost 7 soldiers but she wasn't
scared because of the gloves she was wearing and her guess was
right they did get one of her needles. They were taking
everyone's fingerprints when Shadow's turn came they asked
her name so she thought it would be troublesome to tell them
that her name was Shadow so she used her real name she said to
the 1st soldiers "my name is Aarna, officer!" That 1st officer
wanted to see the ticket and the passport she used her real name
to book the tickets also she had her real passport. She showed the
officer. The report came, when the officer saw the report he said
"you are---. You all will know that in the next episode.

Will be continued in the next chapter.
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