The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


This novel is about a girl who wants to take
revenge for her family. She didn’t like to kill but to
threaten them so she used some dangerous poisons. Some
were capable of sending thousands of people to a coma
and the other one was capable of paralyzing its victim in 1
minute and because these were dangerous so she always
carried the antidote of the poisons with her. She went by
the name Shadow. She never hurt anyone without a
reason and if she has that and that person deserve to
suffer so she that suffer as much as she can. She was a
kind person so she couldn’t bear the guilt of murdering
someone. The politicians were scared of her especially the
corrupted ones because they knew that they might be the
next target of Shadow. They were even scared of their
own reflection in the mirror. She kept her eye on them and
she saw them in terror watching them being afraid of their
reflection in the mirror was fun for her. She went by the
nickname wolf in her school.

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