The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

to the police station Bhaviya "Aarna, why do you want this
info?" Shadow "you know me I like mysteries so just a little
curious!" Bhaviya "ok! So here's the info; those kidnappers are
in Goa we are still searching for them but we don't get any
info!" Shadow "do you want me to take care of the case for you
Bhaviya?" Bhaviya "I can't let you do the hard work Aarna
don't be such an idiot but a little helping hand is fine." Shadow
"why don't you just say that you need help, you idiot!" Bhaviya
"don't get killed in the process okay!" Shadow "say that again
and I am killing you, you big dummy!" Bhaviya "cold as
always, I see!" Shadow "then see you in Goa, bye!" Bhaviya
"bye!" She took the case because her next target was in Goa so
she needed an excuse if she gets caught. She was prepared for
her next kill. Her next target was the second Minister, Minister
Arjun Singh. Shadow "enjoy the last few days of your life
Minister Arjun Singh because I will kill you as soon as I get a
chance to do so!"

Will be continued in the next chapter.
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