The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


Shadow was planning on killing Arjun Singh, on the
other hand, Arjun Singh knew that he is her next target. He has
found a person who can make what he desires and the thing he
made always do opposite of what it's made to do and he also has
invented a human weapon and Shadow don't know anything
about both the weapon and the man. Will she be able to kill him
or she will die before killing him and that Arjun Singh will
become unstoppable? Shadow is still in Delhi, she hasn't left for
Goa yet one day she got a message the message said "hello miss
Shadow! I need your help in stopping a person and I will clearly
say that I am a government agent and this is a government
mission but my co-workers don't agree on helping me in this
case that's why I need your help the person I am mentioning is
non-other than Arjun Singh himself. If you feel up to so please
contact me and I know you might think this is a trap but it's not
I am really in need of help and don't worry no one will know
that I contacted you cause it might harm my position and my
family. So see you soon!" Shadow "gosh seriously! This guy

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