The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

found my number! Who cares how he is going after the same
man so I guess it's fine the risk and I might make a new friend,
who knows the future?" So she contacted him they settled on a
fixed date to meet up the date was 6th Jan and the timing was
1:00 am. That day came and she visited that place at the when
she saw that government agent she was so shocked she thought
"the guy who was top at doing missions so the question is, why
does someone like him want help from me in the first place?" So
she thought to approach him and when she did he was shocked
and he thought "a young girl like her is the assassin all people
are feared of now I understand why they say ‘ don't judge a book
by its cover.’ Well not that I can deny the fact that she is kinda
cute, wait why the hell is I thinking that about a girl! I am not a
perv or am I? Well let's just forget that and break this awkward
silence" the officer "hello Shadow!" Shadow "hello officer! Can I
ask you a question?" The officer "go ahead!" Shadow “Why do
you want help from someone like me? You are an officer so you
can just ask the government to give you the force, right?”
Officer “well... The government think
s of me too highly after
the last mission so they thought I can handle this all by myself
so I thought why not ask the reaper to help me after all people
think of you as a guardian angel. So I thought ‘won’t she help
me if she cares about the people!?’ that’s what I thought!”
Shadow “
puff ha, ha, ha! Forget it, I don’t give a shit about
these selfish people at all! And ‘guardian angel’ gosh! How
dumb can they be?!” she just laughed
at that then the officer

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