The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

Chapter 12 STARTING

Their unbelievable trust in each other was way too good,
they already started to understand each other from the moment
they met now that day came when they were going to start the
mission and it was to solve the mystery so they made a plan the
things that Yuki didn’t know Shadow knew and the things she
didn’t know Yuki knew them very well. Yuki told Shadow
Arjun Singh is kind of a clever man! He never gets his hands
dirty! He only once gets his hands dirty and that was when he
killed his parents with his own hands.” Shadow “what! How
could anyone do that? Is he heartless or something?! Well, let’s
just discuss the other topic. Do you know where he lives ?” Yuki
“no I don’t! do you know?” Shadow “yes, I do know! Here
at the map on my phone. This is the place where he lives! But do
you know how to swim?” Yuki “I do! Shadow “well that is good
you are going to be in the front line, got it?” Yuki “why is
that?” Shadow “well I can’t swim fast but I will try my best.
There are plenty of dolphins they will help me!” Yuki “what?!
Why would dolphins help you?” Shadow “cause dolphins are

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