The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

friends of humans! Don’t worry about me, I will manage!” Yuki
“if you say so! Th
e n let’s continue our plan, shall we?” Shadow
They discussed their plan and they both talked about
the letters than they thought “why not find this guy and kill
him/her or just find the reason why he/she did that or just find
who he/she works for so we can get rid of that person.” So they
started looking for evidence but they didn’t get much lead so
they thought that “we will take care of this later.” They agreed

on it and went to Goa. When they got there they were surprised
to see the conditions of the poor people when they reached the
sea it was beautiful but they weren’t there for sightseeing so
they took a small boat and left the beach after a few km they saw
him but when they got a little closer and that distance was
enough for them to dive in the water so they wore the swimsuit
and went towards Arjun Singh’s boat but on their way they saw
something deep in the water something lighting the dark deep
water so they th ought “it would be good to check that place
before we attack him.” They agreed on it and went deep in the

water to check where that light was coming from when they took
a little look they were Shadow “w - what is this? Does Arjun
Singh is the one behind all this?” Yuki “I - I don’t know? But
there is the slightest chance that he is behind this. We need to
find him as fast as we can!” Shadow “there is no need! He is in
that place, so I guess the government is going to kill him after
finding this out or a trial i n court is necessary?” Yuki “I don’t
have any words even if I want to they don’t come out of my

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