The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


They broke into that underwater lab and then when they
tried to kill Arjun Singh a puppet came in front of Shadow and
said “hello there sweetheart! Are you ready for your doom?”
Shadow “A talking puppet?! You are kidding me! But you just
called me ‘sweetheart’ die you damn puppet!” Puppet “oh my! I
won’t call you ‘sweetheart’ if you just give me your name!”
Shadow “ok so I am Shadow! What about you, puppet?” Puppet
“I am Paris! S
o why are you here to kill my master?” Shadow
“well why don’t you ask that from
your so-called master ?”
Paris “for that
, we need to stop fighting, right?” Shadow “yes
and I don’t mind that!” Paris “okay th
en give me some time?”
Shadow “take as much time as
you want but only on one
condition!” Paris “what condition?” Shadow “don’t worry
about the condition too much! I just want to take a tour of this
whole lab nothing to hide! That is all you can even come with
us!” Paris “I guess that 's fine! You can have a tour!” Shadow
“thank you!” when they went in and what they saw was

horrifying but when they moved forward they saw a closed-door
Shadow asked, “give me the keys now!” Arjun gave the keys
easily and when shadow saw what was inside she was broken
she immediately took her knife and went to kill Arjun. He was

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