The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

About the author

This is my first time writing a novel. I got the
inspiration to write this novel from an anime named
Assassination Classroom. I would recommend you all to
watch it too. I am not that old but if this novel becomes
popular so I will write more but that depends on how you
all react after reading this novel. As you know I am in 8th
class. My final exams have just finished and I am going to
be in the 9 th class. I just hope that schools open soon but
the way Covid- 19 viruses are spreading that’s going to be
a problem but I hope you are fine. And about myself well
my friends usually say that I am honest and sometimes
short-tempered but they also say that I am a kind person
but I am that kind and to be honest I can cruel sometimes
especially when it comes to my enemies but my one friend
handles them better than me so I just don’t into fights too
much. That is all I have to say about myself.

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