The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

surprised by that attack so Paris protected him Shadow “Paris
get away from my way if you want to live!” Paris “no I won’t!
he is my master!” Shadow “this man do
es n’t deserve to live!”
Paris “but why?” Shadow “tell me something
Arjun. What was
the Aarna family’ s fault that they have to face this kind of
faith?” Arjun “what are you talking about?” Shadow “don’t
play dumb! Please tell me that reason or die!” Arjun “the

reason is well they interfered with my business!” Shadow “only
that reason is not enough to kill someone’s family, you know!”
Arjun “I didn’t kill all of her family members her brother is still
alive!” Shadow “mind telling me what you did to him that he

was begging me to take his life?” Arjun “oh well just a small
research that’s all!” Shadow “oh well I will do the same with

you I will take your liver or your heart out and end everyone’s
suffering right here and now!” Paris “but why are you the one
to kill him?” Shadow “cause he is my target that’s why! Say
goodbye to this world Arjun!” Arjun “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!
You... will pay... for this, Shadow!” Shadow “we will see
that!” Aarna’s brother “hey do you have any spare time to kill
me Shadow?” Shadow “of course! I didn’t forget ab
out it!
Goodbye brother whisper! ” Aarna’s brother “goodbye!” after
that he disappeared into the thin air Shadow “Yuki can you take
care of the rest?” Yuki “yes I can but what are you going to do
in the meantime?” Shadow “there is a friend of mine I need to
meet him today! So I am heading out!” Yuki “oh ok th
en see you
later!” Shadow “yes see you later! And Paris you and your real

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