The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

master can come with me.” Paris “how did you know that
Arjun wasn’t my real master?” Shadow “I am good at noticing
things!” Paris “in that case
, I am the only one Arjun killed my
master so there’s no one to look after me.” Shadow “you can be a
traveler.” Paris “you are right but I want to come with you!”
Shadow “listen you are better off with Yuki okay! Now hurry
up!” Paris “if you say so!” after Paris left Shadow left as well

towards the police station she knew that she can find Bhaviya
there when she got there and saw Bhaviya she was relieved so
she approached him and when he saw her he said “you are
finally back Aarna, good to see that you are not injured! Oh, I
almost forgot we have received a report that the two most
famous singers were assassinated very badly the singer's name
was Hazel and Alina.” Shadow “w - what!” Bhaviya “I know
this is all of a sudden but please calm yourself Aarna!” Shadow
“I am calm! There is a place I need to go, see you!” Bhaviya
- ok!” after that , she went to inform Yuki but he was busy
talking to his friends the n Paris approached her and said “What
is it Shadow?” Shadow “o
- oh Paris! It's nothing you don ’t need
to worry okay!” Paris “okay I guess!” Shadow “oh I almost
forgot I need to decide my next target! See you later, Paris!”
Paris “ok see you later!” When Shadow got home she didn’t cry
at all she thought “there is no one I can look up to now I broke
the promise as well. I think if I hadn’t chosen this path my best
friends and my family could have been saved if I didn’t ch
this path I could have been able to save both of them! But I chose

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