The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

and Yuki “yes!” Shadow directly went towards the hut which
was located in the forest. When both of them saw the hut they
were surprised. Shadow went inside and saw that no one was at
home so she thought it would be good to see if they are living in
that mansion so she went deeper into the forest than she saw a
pack of wolves both Paris and Yuki were surprised that they
were tamed by Shadow. Afterward, Shadow saw an un-similar
face she approached that guy, and Shadow “who are you?”
Strange man “why do you think I will answer a stranger’s
question in the first place?” the wolves started growling at that
man Shadow “calm dawn you guys stop growling now!” the

wolves listened to her command and stopped when that man
saw her doing that stranger man asked, “why do these troubling
wolves listen to your command?” Shadow “do you think I will
answer that? Oh, and where can I find Silver?” Strange man
“why do you want to meet Silver?” Shadow “cause I am here to
check on him as his big sister!” Strange man “wait! Are you
Shadow?” Shadow “yes I am!” Strange man “
sorry for the
misunderstanding miss! But Silver... is okay!” Shadow “I
know that one! Listen dumbass if you want to live you better
tell me what’s going on.” Strange man “sorry! But Lord Silver
has been kidnaped by some hunters and they also know the
secret.” Shadow “oh so that happened! Th e n where is Blade?”
Strange man “Master Blade went after them!” Shadow “no, no,

no! The blade will kill them we need to find both of them as fast
as we can!” Strange man “yes! Oh , and I am Alistair! Nice to
meet the real person behind all this!” Shadow “oh so you are
Alistair! Silver has sent me letters and it seems like he trusts

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