The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

you the most if he d idn’t he wouldn’t have entrusted these
naughty wolves on you.” Alistair “now I understand why I am
the only one who has to save his butt all the time!” Shadow

laughed after that they speed up a little when Shadow saw Blade
she tried to get to him but she was human not a vampire so
couldn’t but she thought “why not go near and shout his name
so he might listen.” She speeds up little by little eventually she

caught up with him the n Shadow shouted “BLADE!” he heard
her voice after that he stopped and turn around when he saw her
he was relieved Blade “thank god you are here Shadow!”
Shadow “ok that’s something I didn’t expect!” Blade “sorry for
breaking the promise, I couldn’t protect him!” Shadow “listen to

me now! It's not your fault, now that I am here and there is
nothing that can stop me from killing people those bastards are
dead if they have done any harm to Silver.” Paris “wow
Shadow, you can be scary sometimes!” Blade “she can be much
scarier than this!” Yuki “w
hat?! I have never seen that side of
her!” Alistair “wow you are so cool , miss!” Shadow “ALL OF
YOU STUT UP!” Paris “let’s leave Shadow’s
things alone
from now on, ow!” Yuki “for the first time I agree with you!”
Shadow “stop messing around and hurry up ca
use we are
almost there.” Blade “we are?” Shadow “yes we are! So hurry

Will be continued in the next chapter.
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