The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


When they got to that place it was easy to get in but
what she saw after that was horrible but she didn’t stop she
moved forward when she saw Silver covered with blood she got
affected by the rage and anger Shadow “all of you are going to
DIE HERE AND NOW!” Paris “I don’t think we can sto
p her
right now! She now has fallen into the blood lust but not too
deep.” Alistair “this is terrible I can’t even imagine the person
who taught self-defens e to Silver doing this herself!” Shadow “I
won’t hold back not at all!” she punished every single one of

those hunters for laying their hands on Silver but likely she
didn’t kil l anyone after that they went back to that villa
afterward they called the doctor to patch him up. Silver was
recovering well Shadow “it’s a good thing he is recovering
fast!” Alistair “yes miss!” Shadow “Alistair! Why do you call
me ‘miss’ all the time?” Alistair “I call you
to miss because you
deserve to be called ‘mistress’ not ‘miss’!” Shadow “oh dear!
Don’t tell me it
's because I just happened to be Silver and
Blade ’s sister?” Alistair “that is correct!” Shadow “th en I order
you to call me Shadow from now on!” Alistair “w - what?!

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