The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

But--- “ Blade “it ' s an order you can’t refuse!” Shadow “that is
correct!” Alistair “ok th
e n I shall call you Shadow from on!”
Shadow “in this case I shall call you Lord Alistair!” Alistair
“please don’t!” Shadow “that is fine!” Silver “big sister you are
back!” Shadow “oh you are awake, Silver!” Silver “yes now it
time to play with me!” Shadow “wait! There are people I do like
to introduce you to!” Yuki “hello! I am Yuki nice to meet you
Silver!” Silver “ nice to meet you too, Yuki!” Paris “hi Silver I
am Paris nice to meet you!” Silver “same here, Paris!” Shadow
“now if you want to play I am free!” Silver “
oh just a sec! I was
thinking why not have a boy' s night out?” Shadow “is a g reat
idea! You all should go!” Alistair “ but there are only boys here!
Won’t you get lonely?” Shadow “that is fine these wolves are
here as well!” Stranger “she won’t get lonely I will be here so go
and have fun boys!” Alistair “what a
re you doing here, Lady
Corvine?” Corvine “I was just here to visit Simon, that’s all!”
Shadow “who is he?” Silver “he is a new member but he can be
dangerous!” Shadow “I would like to see him too!” Silver “I
guess that’s okay! Follow me ladies!” they had towards villa
Alistair “the thing is that he attacked one of t
he Lords and he is
kind of in a critical stage right now and he killed one of the
ravens as well.” Shadow “you may give me the keys, Lord
Alistair!” Alistair “ok!” he gave her keys th
en left when Shadow
opened the door and saw a cute young wolf Shadow “hey there
little wolf!” Simon “what do you want stranger?” Shadow
“how rude! But it
' s fine I don’t want anything dear. I am just
here as a guest and I was curious that how you looked so I came

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